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Essential Souls Turmeric Skin Lightner - 300g

Essential Souls Turmeric Skin Lightner - 300g

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Essential Souls Turmeric Skin Lightner is a aroma based Natural Bleach. Contains turmeric and paprika. Removes tan and lightens the skin imparting a healthy glow. Makes the skin smooth and even toned. For all skin types.


  • It naturally removes tan from the upper layer of skin and gives you a fairer, spot free look. 
  • Saffron is anti-bacterial in nature and it has skin enhancing properties.
  • In combination with turmeric extract, Vitamin C and Vitamin E these ingredients reverse the effects of sunburn and tanning.
  • It makes you look more radiant with every use.


  • After Cleansing apply evenly on face & neck.
  • Leave it on for 7-10 minutes.
  • After gentle massage remove it with wet cotton of tissue, pat dry and apply moisturizer
  • Use twice a week for best result

Ingredients: Saffron Oil, Saffron Extract, Turmeric Oil, Turmeric Extract, Paprika Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Gel Base.


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