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Discover the New Essential Souls Morning Glow Toner 150ml – Now in a Convenient Spray!

Discover the New Essential Souls Morning Glow Toner 150ml – Now in a Convenient Spray!

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Essential Souls Morning Glow Toner 

Unveil a refreshed and radiant complexion with the new Essential Souls Morning Glow Toner, now available in a convenient spray format for just Rs 299. Enjoy 50% more of your favorite toner, delivering exceptional value and efficacy.

Infused with the natural essence of geranium, lavender, and ylang-ylang, our toner not only brightens and tones your skin but also provides a therapeutic sensory experience with its unchanged, beloved scent. The formula is rich in antioxidants that shield your skin from daily environmental stressors, while actively refining pores, balancing moisture, and enhancing elasticity for a visibly fresh and glowing look.


  •  New spray nozzle design ensures a fine, even mist for easy application.
  • Suitable for all skin types, the toner gently exfoliates dead skin cells and intensely hydrates, leaving your skin smooth and luminous.
  • Maintains the classic formulation and scent, providing the same trusted quality and performance.

How To Use:

  • Begin with a clean face by washing with Essential Souls Face Wash.
  • Hold the bottle a few inches away and spray the toner directly onto your face and neck. For sensitive skin, spray onto a cotton pad and then gently pat onto your skin.
  • Complete your skincare regimen with our Honey Touch Moisturiser to lock in moisture and nutrients.

Step into your day with confidence and a glow that comes from within, thanks to the new Essential Souls Morning Glow Toner. Your skin’s daily dose of radiance and care is now more convenient than ever!

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