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Gala of London

Gala of London HD Nail Polish (10+12+13+18+22)

Gala of London HD Nail Polish (10+12+13+18+22)

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Gala of London HD Nail Polish- True Wear Color Crush nail enamel make the world a better place! Long-lasting by nature and chip-resistant, giving them a vibrant and elegant look. It has colour lock technology , making it a perfect choice! Trendy shades on the go and for every mood. It's 21 free, Available in variety of shades.


  • Features: 
  1.   High performing nail enamels
  2.   Quick-Drying, Long-Lasting Finish 
  3.   Chip defying formula
  4.    Safe to use on nail
  5.    Available in variety of shades
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