Diffused Lips: Lip trends will be a game of two halves depending on mood. On one hand, we're seeing a rise in glam maximalism, but for low-key days cute minimalist looks will take the lead. “Diffused lips will be everywhere,” predicts Mali. “Inspired by Asian culture, the look features soft stains that concentrate the colour in the centre of the lip, and less towards the edges.This provides a natural, stained effect that looks effortless.

Detailed Brow: Brows are a beauty trademark, This year though, detailed brows will be the next phenomenon. “To achieve this look, the application is mastered with a brow pencil, then accentuated with a brow pen or palette for a defined and fuller appearance, one would absolutely love this technique because it can both restore and enhance any brow situation.

Double Wing Eyeliner: Another liner trend that's gaining momentum are double wings. The accessible detail makes it easier to achieve an effortless makeup look. You don’t have to be a makeup artisan or overachiever to adopt it, Plus, it suits everyone. The double winged eyeliner comes in many styles and suits every eye shape.


Bold Blush: When it comes to your blush, don’t be afraid to try new things with your blush placement. Applying blush to fun places like the temples and the upper cheek bone will become commonplace. It’s the perfect time to start playing with warm blush shades again that subtly drape into the temples and crease of eyes. The trend also comes with a major bonus, The best thing about the blush resurgence is that it has the power to create a natural lift alongside fresh looking skin, and a contour illusion that can instantly boost your confidence.

Colored Eyeliner: Eyeliner has been around for what seems like ages, with style icons punctuating the pages of time enhancing their looks with lined eyes. From kohl liner to gel, this endlessly versatile look has found a home in the hearts of makeup lovers around the world. Adding a splash of color to the lined look on the other hand, is less than 100 years old!

Dewy Highlighter: If your motto is dewy over matte, always, highlighter is probably one of the most-used products in your makeup kit. But as you likely already know, not all highlighters are created equal. Highlighting powders tend to leave behind a striking, glittering finish, but if you’re all about the dewy effect, you’ll want a highlighting cream, gel, or balm. Choosing the right one for you will come down to your preferred shade and effect as well as the type of highlighter you tend to favor, whether that’s a stick, a compact, or a tube.

A Pop of Glitter: Glitter makeup is the sort of glam look you reserve for the festive season. Glitter makeup has the ability to instantly light up the face, make a statement and breathe new life into your same-old everyday makeup look. You don’t have to go all in. In fact, undone and understated glitter makeup looks are our new favorite way to step up our daily looks. 

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